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I’m Ziv Raviv

 Creative Business Strategist.

Get Holistic Support.

Push Your Business to The Next Level

Coaching for Business Growth

To grow your business you need to grow as a person, with a lot of focus on your family needs

Course and Launch Coaching

We launched over 120 online courses and can show you how to save time and effort

Site Evaluation

Know if your site can actually fulfill your true potential

The Double Rebranding

Both your visuals and your copy will be rebranded

Create Your Marketing Kit

That will last for a few years of amazing results

Your View Will Change

You will actually notice you see, write and market your business differently

Deep understanding

Ziv has a deep understanding of Business. This is not just about knowledge – it’s about understanding the key elements that you constantly struggle with:

Business Growth, People, Marketing, Content, Copywriting


“Ziv Knows A LOT!”

Since Ziv’s coaching style is based on a Holistic approach, he can help you in whatever you need, and has been doing that specifically, in the trenches and got results too. The great part is that Ziv helps you identify what you need to know, and doesn’t force you to learn what he knows (which includes Google Ads, SEO, Facebook, Automation, Email Marketing, Copywriting, Content Marketing, Podcasting, Funnels, Reverse Funnels, Launches, Course Creation, Memberships Creation, Nurturing Clients, Recruiting, Building Your Team, Groups Management, Growth Hacking and Influencer Marketing).

“What is Holistic Support?”

You get support for anything your business needs in one place. Instead of working with multiple people and each time explain yourself all over again. And because Ziv’s approach is Holistic you get pushed forward further than you even dared to imagine.

“Why do people call you The Flexible Coach?”

Ziv’s Coaching is different for each client. He adjusts EVERYTHING to the needs, desires, and outcomes of the customer. Got a new opportunity in 24 hours, and you need some miracles? Ziv and his team are up for the job and will not be attached to the plan, but rather to the results. And with Ziv… you just know you can expect some ruthless results. There is never a hidden agenda with Ziv and ego is never in the way.

1. What does Unlimited Support mean?

Ziv will be available for you for unlimited emails and chat messages. You will only be billed for face to face zoom meetings.

2. What does Unlimited Graphic Designs mean?

Use Ziv’s huge team of graphic designers for anything you need. This includes complete website mockups, sales pages, social media marketing, flyers, logo, business cards, illustrations, e-book covers, course handouts, and anything really. Take the sources too, and ask for as many revisions you want for as long as you have an active coaching account with Ziv.

3. What does Unlimited Website Fixes and Development mean?

Once you are a client of Ziv, he will take good care of you and his Software Development Team will become yours. Fixing your site to help you fulfill your true potential is the first goal, but if you need a website made for you, they will do that too. Plugins and Mobile Apps are unfortunately not included but can be done for an extra cost. 

4. What does Unlimited Copywriting Sessions mean?

Every time you meet Ziv, you can use him as a certified Copywriter that gets results. You can craft your email sequences together and even work on that sales page copy or anything that has words really. Want Ziv to write you a sales page from scratch – on certain coaching packages that is actually included for no extra cost.

5. What do you mean by 1 YEAR Access for MABC?

Ziv has documented his knowledge about business in the Modern Automated Business Course and you can get access to that when you become a client. That way, even if you only work with him for 3 months, or 6 months or even 9 months, you will get extra support by being able to watch the MABC course again and again and again.

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Eight Amazing Testimonials by Amazing Customers

My life is profoundly better because of Ziv Raviv. When I met Ziv, I was managing multiple crises – severe medical conditions with my wife and daughter, job loss from a corporation from which I had worked for a decade, and corresponding deep financial challenges. In other words, my back was against the wall. Ziv’s kind help, understanding of my situation, and expertise, allowed me to resolve my financial challenges.

I learned my first trick at 13; I now have two grown daughters attending universities. My magic was always present but really in the background of my life. At the time I met Ziv, deriving income from my magic was a must. I was not getting the results I needed on my own. Ziv delivered. He and his team built me a Cadillac website. I have booked now countless shows from prospective customers viewing the website and deciding to book me. I once arrived at a party and the person who hired me said: “I feel like I know you from the website.” What else do you need from a website?

We also worked on a sales letter. This persuasive letter has generated thousands of dollars of income for me. Like the website, the sales letter convinces potential customers to book my show without the need for me to speak with them.

You’ll need to bring your A game when working with Ziv. If you do, I have no doubt you’ll see the results you’re looking for.

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